Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint

£4.85 inc VAT


The Galeria Acrylic range from Winsor & Newton is ideal for artists who require a good quality acrylic at an affordable price.

  • The range features a large selection of colours with a high level of pigmentation, good covering power and brush stroke retention.
  • Along with their excellent depth of colour; their buttery consistency makes for quick and easy coverage appealing to artists of all abilities.
  • Extremely versatile, easily diluted with water and suitable for a variety of techniques.
  • They can be used on numerous surfaces but are not recommended for use on shiny, greasy surfaces such as glass, unprimed metal or surfaces with painted colours.
  • Once dry acrylics are permanent and water-resistant.
  • 60ml tube.
  • In-store purchase only phone for further information.