8 Yellow Poly Round/Flat/Fan Brush Wallet

£6.80 inc VAT


  • This set of brushes from Pebeo covers all your arts and crafts needs.
  • Set of 8 Polyamide brushes:
    – Size 2 Flat Brush
    – Size 10 Flat Brush
    – Size 18 Flat Brush
    – Size 0 Round Brush
    – Size 4 Round Brush
    – Size 8 Round Brush
    – Size 6 Fan Brush
    – Size 10 Script Liner
  • Flat brushes are great for larger areas and backgrounds, Round brushes for details and final touches.
    The Liner brush is designed for fine details and the Fan brush designed for effects.
  • All brushes are of outstanding quality and suitable for most media types, including glass painting and silk painting.